Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why statboard heads should be careful when they try to arrow 500 people

According to an allegedly leaked letter from someone at the lower end of the food-chain in MCYS, the spectacular sight of 500 MCYS staff lining along Thomson Road to pay their last respects to Mrs Lee Kuan Yew as her cortege passed by on its way to Mandai Crematorium, was nothing but an act directed from above.


Subject:Urgent: Passing of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew’s cortege along Thomson Road

From: Pamela TAN to MCYS-All

The cortege of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew will leave Sri Temasek at 4 pm and it will pass by Thomson Road on its way to the Mandai Crematorium.

As a mark of respect, we would like all staff in MCYS / SLF Building to line up along Thomson Road, opposite MCYS Building (cross the overhead bridge to the side of the Polo Club). Please leave the buildings by 3.45pm.

All staff should be in place by 4pm to await the passing of the cortege.

Staff should be solemn and bow your heads as a form of respect as the cortege passes by.

Staff wearing bright coloured clothes and who wish to pay their respects should cover up with a dark jacket / sombre colours.

Thank you and please be punctual.

Pamela Tan (Ms), Assistant Director / Human Resource Division,
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
| DID: (65) 6354 8163 | Fax: (65) 6354 8327 | Email: | Website:

But who is surprised?