Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A man bonkers enough to start vulgarities war with Rockson Tan

Who the hell is Cheo Ming Shen? He is one of the co-founders of, an online advertising company for blogs in both Singapore and Malaysia, and also the YPAP Chairman of Toa Payoh East.

Recently, he is the one who paid $10,000 for MM Lee’s autographed book, ‘Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going’ during the pre-launch on 14 Jan. And he is also the one who started a war of vulgarities with the famous Rockson Tan.

So how did one guy who paid through his balls to carry others' balls found the balls to scold Rockson Tan? This is how it all started...

rocksontan: Cheo Ming Shen say LKY is equivalent of Nelson Mandela to Singaporeans?!! Who is this cheebyekia?

bossming: @rocksontan I figure who the fuck are u is a bigger question? Oh wait nobody gives a fuck. So don’t bother answering.

rocksontan: Lawrence just told me the cheebyekia who say LKY is like Mandela is from a company call Muffnang. Sell cheebye one ah?

bossming: @rocksontan it seems there is only one person selling cheebye here. and we know thats you. time to upgrade and sell lampa, naenae, etc. Monday, January 17, 2011 12:28:45 PM via web in reply to rocksontan

bossming: @rocksontan especially since it seems your vocab is limited to hokkien vulgarities. There there, don’t cry, lets go back to your childhood.

bossming: @rocksontan aiyah since you can’t afford a shrink, i help out lah. lets start at the beginning.

bossming: @rocksontan like perhaps why hiding behind a moniker and your hokkien vulgarities actually make you feel better.

bossming: @rocksontan the only one tainting Nelson Mandela’s name is you. Freak.

rocksontan: #WaysLKYislikeMandela They both have white hair #cheomingshen

bossming: @rocksontan WOW dedicated a channel to me ah. I dedicate one to you also! Nah lovebird #rocksontanlikescheebye

bossming: @rocksontan oh wait forgot to let me beloved followers know about your channel too. #cheomingshen #rocktanlikescheebye

bossming: playing with anonymous freaks is quite invigorating. i really understand now why xiaxue enjoys doing it so much.

bossming: @xiaxue eh teach me how to play with anonymous freaks leh. your zhao pai. now i know how you feel. it feels good.

bossming: There is always this lag in the replies though. One afterall has to be careful to use their fake moniker account, and not their real one.

bossming: 1 little 2 little 3 little rocksons. 3 little 4 little 5 little rocksons.

bossming: @rocksontan my countdown song to our next correspondence love.

bossming: @rocksontan so much love i give you 2 channels lah. #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela

bossming: #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela one fought for the unity of a nation despite imprisonment. the other cowers behind a fake moniker

bossming: #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela hoping that his expert use of hokkien vulgarities will not have a lawsuit ringing up his corner.

bossming: #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela one is respected globally, the other relies on his sad humour to drum up all of 800 “followers”.

bossming: #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela at the same time without realising they are probably laughing AT him, not WITH him.

bossming: #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela one was running the country tirelessly, the other shows up only when singapore elections are close

bossming: #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela n figures making fun of the most respected man in the country (bar his true followers), will change sumthing

bossming: #WaysrocksontanisNOTlikemandela one was and is an inspiration and hope to so many. the other a joke.

bossming: Oh @rocksontan I am but a fool, darling I love u, even tho you treat me cruel, but if you leave me, I will surely die.

bossming: #playilst while waiting for my dear rockson to reply to me. @rocksontan

bossming: this one better version. really catchy tune. any other suggestions guys, while i wait? bored liao.

bossming: If i were a tower of strength I’d walk away, I’d look in your @rocksontan eyes, and heres what I’d say.

bossming: @rocksontab I don’t wantyou, I don’t need you, I don’t love you anymore!!! But a tower of strength is a something I’ll never be.

bossming: @rocksontan

bossming: Rocksonnn dunneed to google for so long to find dirt on me. Just talk dirty with me direct.

bossming: @rocksontan a little birdy told me you live in bukit batok. since you don’t want to meet me online, I will wait everyday at 5pm with a rose

bossming: @rocksontan at the mrt station. Drop your moniker boy. It brings you more trouble than you know.

rocksontan: #WaysLKYislikeMandela Mandela go jail, LKY put you in jail #cheomingshen

bossming: @rocksontan correction. LKY puts slanderous fools like you in jail #WaysLKYislikeMandela

Notice how Mr Cheo Ming Shen went on and on by himself just to get Rockson Tan to talk again?

Well, he has his wish granted. Rockson Talked back.

Nobody starts a war of vulgarities with Rockson Tan.