Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Legendary YPAP member Eric How is simply Boomz

If you have not heard of the legendary YPAP member Eric How by now, it is time to get out of your cave and find a Wifi point.

It all started with this nonchalant post of his...

when Mr Eric decided it was patriotic to defend the government and teach the useless and ever complaining Singaporeans a lesson.

"Do not be bitter and go on slapping on the Government senselessly because you did not get any fruits or benefits from your forefather. You will have to blame on your karma or your forefathers for not getting all the paths right for their off springs. My folks did the right thing by getting all the stuffs ready for us and we will never ever need to nag about the Government giving jobs to foreigners instead of locals." - Eric How.

And of course, most importantly, not forgetting to mention about his precious ride. Just to make sure his message matches his facebook profile picture.

"Our folks even make sure that we guys do not need to squeeze into public transport by getting each of us a personal car." - Eric How

Now you're just dying to know who is Eric How and most importantly who is his father who has saved such good karma for him, aren't you?

According to sources on the Internet...

Mr How’s father is Mr How Jong Wan who runs a ship chandling business. The elder How is the Vice Chairman of Kampung Kembangan Community Club Management Committee under East Coast GRC. He was a recipient of The Public Service Medal and The National Day Award in 2004.

However due to some unknown and suspicious reasons, after Mr Eric's father's identity was disclosed on the source website, a complaint was lodged against the site to shut it down. It was an anonymous phone call from someone identified as "Desmond Quek" from an agency related to the Singapore government. Probably an equivalent of FBI or CIA? But I'm very sure "Desmond Quek" is not in any way related to Mr Eric. I can't imagine Mr Eric dishonoring his father not once, but twice by changing his surname?

Meanwhile, apparently Mr Eric did not expect Singaporean netizens to be offended by his casual remarks. And of course he would not have expected people to be guts enough to seek attention from his company and father about his behavior on the World Wide Web, which as the name implies, search-able and visible to all around the globe. Thus, Mr Eric is now feeling offended.

It is always good to know your family is backing you, no matter how wrong you are and what wrongs you have done. Just like how we are always telling the family members of those Yellow Ribbon guys about the importance of family support, not only while they are in the cells, but after they are out of it.

"my family are very supportive of me and I did nothing wrong by telling you guys the truth." - Eric How

And Mr Eric just loves his rides, doesn't he?

"BTW, I am changing my car again and so what? I made those money and I have the rights to spend it anyway I like. All you whiners can carry on squeezing inside the train while I am enjoying my new ride." - Eric How

For more juicy details, read up the discussion board on Facebook. Nothing interesting on TV lately anyway.

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  1. You guys not updating on the latest on this matter? That apparently the Eric How that talked up there is actually not the original Eric How that is the YPAP Eric How (the Eric How that live in HDB)? What a freaking drama farce.