Monday, March 8, 2010

When lack of news, call Jack

These are what Singaporeans are reading on today:

Top stories
Jack Neo will tell all 1:59 PM
Deposit cut for reserve sites 1:39 PM
Hurt Locker rules Oscars 1:20 PM

Singapore News
Witness fingers Ionescu 12:08 PM
Tried to break up 30 times 11:30 AM
We had sex in car 10:01 AM
Fans let down by Jack Neo 6:00 AM
6 SBS buses wrecked in fire 6:00 AM
Homes double as hostels 6:00 AM
Church services go online 6:00 AM
Bike crashes into bus 6:00 AM
Woman sued for bankruptcy 6:00 AM
New Pasir Ris tower opens 6:00 AM
CDAC seeks more volunteers 6:00 AM

Can't blame them really. Now that Budget 2010 is no longer news, Parliament is closed and all Ministers/MPs/NMPs back to their GRCs to rest and relax, and even the Great Pastor is not insulting anyone lately, there isn't much news in the country to go around.

As for Jack, with Alice in Wonderland (and in 3D!) and Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief in the movies, he is just Being Human to leak out some scandals for the sake of publicity for his movie. Can't blame him too.

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