Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pole-dancing required to make YOG Opening Ceremony the "The Best Show on Earth in 2010"?

So former Sydney stripper is hired to choreograph part of the opening ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games huh? I suppose this means the organisers are serious in making the YOG opening ceremony the "The Best Show on Earth in 2010"? Or does that only simply means the YOG opening ceremony tickets are not selling? No matter, the officials definitely have a strong enough reason for doing that. Something that we the lesser mortals could never think of, hack! We'll never imagine putting exotic pole-dancing together with sports for the young!

Now the important question is... where are the dancers coming from? I'll think it is safe to assume that most of the Singaporean men would cross their fingers that the dancers were hand-picked from Hooters, or any other pubs in Clarke Quay, and that they won't be as Ah Lian looking as those Miss Universe Singapore contestants!

Pole-dancing Bobbi to open Youth Olympic Games in Singapore

A FORMER Sydney stripper has taken pole dancing out of Kings Cross and on to the world stage - having been chosen to choreograph part of the opening ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore next month.

Bobbi, who owns Bobbi's Pole Studios, said she never imagined she could make an international career out of exotic dance.

The former stripper left home at 19 to work in a club in Japan. Now 22 years later, she teaches pole dancing to women from all walks of life, with two studios in Sydney, one in Perth and one each in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Bobbi said preparations had been underway for months for the opening ceremony of the World Youth Olympics in Singapore on August 14.

"It's a night of firsts," Bobbi said.

Twenty podiums and poles will be erected among the seating at the giant stadium, with the dancers performing 5m above the audience.


  1. Why is it it's the singaporeans working hard to do the performance but the foreigner gets the credit!?? Rubbish... i am sure we have talents locally and we dun need them. Or are we still a nation which only believes that ang mo is better than us... i have seen some really impressive pole performances here in singapore.

  2. Till now I cannot comprehend how narrow minded some Singaporeans are. Wait till you see the opening ceremony. I was at the preview on 30th July and the pole acrobats were nothing short of awesome.

  3. Obviously, you have yet to see the performance (or caught the preview). Because it's exactly the opposite of what you think is.

    FYI, the dancers are from Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore, who are a group of hardworking (mostly,except for a Japanese lady) Singaporean ladies who worked and pushed their bodies beyond the normal physical boundaries like any other athletic would.


  4. the pole dancers were professional gymnasts -.-