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Funny posts you find on REACH about the new NMP candidates!

I've heard so much about REACH, but have not been very enthusiastic to pay it a visit, probably because I've heard enough from the mainstream media bragging about what the country has done for me.

But after reading about how the "majority" had given the feedback on REACH that NMP Siew Kum Hong and Beatrice Chia are both No-No's for the Parliament, I was tempted to find out how the "majority" that posted on REACH had represented me.

And upon reading the postings on Singapore on the lookout for new NMP candidates, boy was I excited! Intuitively, I know there is a hypocritically conservative bunch of people in the country who do not make common sense at all, but damn was I overwhelmed!

The AWARE saga has uncovered questionable (public) behaviour of prominent figures of society, for example ex and current NMPs (eg Mr Siew who had contributed actively to the whole fiasco rather than encourage reconciliation & peaceful resolutions) and CNA newscasters & ST reporters who showed their true colours in bias reporting.

That's quite alot of people to accuse in one sentence. Anyway, our DPM Wong has already chided the CNA newscasters and ST reporters, hasn't he? To remind them to report “dispassionately and impartially", so that our media could keep its 154th place in the Freedom of the Press ranking!

NMP should be one with respect and integrity. How can one to be NMP when he does not even respect Singapore law and continue pushing homosexual lifestyle against Penal code 377A and against the wish of majority Singaporean. This pro-gays activity is destroying Asian values, family values and creates tension and crack in harmony of the multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore.

Pro-gays activities are destroying Asian values, family values and creates tension and crack in harmony of the multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore, and funding terrorism, promote global warming, causing funds to fail and banks to collaspe, encouraging retrenchment and hey! Could they be also responsible for the Geylang rojak poisoning?

I say NO to Siew Kum Hong as well who was flouting the law and promoting non-mainstream values.

Care to elaborate on which law has NMP Siew flouted? When I last checked on my dictionary, flout means to deliberately and openly disobey a law, order or rule. Did he flouted the law when he supported the repeal of Section 377A of Penal Code? Geez, did I also smoke when I told my friend I've got no problem of him smoking around me?

I wish to register my disapproval of the NMP, Mr Siew Kum Hong.

I do not know him personally. But, his recent and past activities (ie. as an official NMP) are clearly unacceptable to many Singaporeans.

Again, I see myself represented here, among the many Singaporeans, without asking for my permission.

Concerned Parents, we all NEED to sit up, pay ATTENTION, and take ACTION!

This is far more serious and worrying than Siew Kum Hong being re-nominated!... Beatrice Chia has submitted to be nominated for NMP (Nominated Member of Parliament.

Beatrice is extremely vocal, daring and controversial and she is actively involved as PRO-Gays, Lesbians, and Homosexual Activist. I understand you can find her in Lesbians / Gays site

She has directed and acted in many movies and mostly, if not all, are extremely provocative, dark and controversial, and many based on theme on Homosexuality, Sex, Lusts, and even Sado-Masochism (enjoyment of hurting and being hurt, especially during sexual activity).

Please ALL write in to this and other sites to make sure our Government wakes up and do NOT put her and such people with such backgrounds and hidden agendas into our Parliament to do MORE HARM TO OUR CHILDREN AND CONSERVATIVE SOCIETY!

Such passion! I could actually feel her wrath as she writes! I would recommend this writer to Beatrice Chia for her next play. With such profound passion, she sure could play the role of a parent who found out all her children are gays. And the best part is, she really knows the director and can fully understand what Beatrice wants, as she went on to list down all the plays written by Beatrice! Too fine a potential actress to pass!

i believe the ugly, polarised opinions here are an appropriate illustration of what mr siew has accomplished in his short 2.5-year term as an NMP.

If you renew his term, I believe it will effectively destroy Singapore and the 44 years of hard work put in to build up the nation.

One man has the ability to destroy the 44 years of hard work put in to build a nation? NMP Siew is so evil and powerful that he could destroy what MM Lee had built? Wow.

A NMP who thinks he can assume the identity of a private citizen at a public meeting and behave like a hooligan is either very naive or lying. Either way he is not suitable to be an NMP.

I would have thought that it would be kinda impartial for a NMP to assume the identity of a NMP at a public meeting to start giving comments and commands. Silly me. And I would have actually thought that sitting in a conference room watching others shouting around you also makes you a hooligan. Silly me again.
Rehabilitating the Homos and Lesbians:

Like people with violent streaks, drug addicts, smokers, even sex addicts, so as not to appear discriminatory, these gays and lesbians ought to have a rehabilitation program to kick the habit.

If our dear SKH is not discriminating them as well as claiming that he is also NOT supporting them, then he should not waste his time to call for a repeal of 377A. Instead he should call for a National Rehabilitation Centre to be built with a rehab program for Homosexual and Lesbians.

At least it can be seen SKH helping the gays and lesbian by rehabilitating them and probably go down well with the majority of us.

Sorry, as soon as I start reading this post again, I'll laugh hysterically again. Can't comment on this post with this state of mind. Gotta skip.

If the Govt is serious about pro-family and wanting Sporeans to have more babies.
I sincerely hope the govt don't appoint a pro-gay/lesbian NMP. We don't need them to preach and impose the homo lifestyle and culture to corrupt the basic foundation of our society.
For society starts with the basic Family nucleus.
Without Hetrosexual, there will be no society and no country.
Let the hetreosexual rule Singapore.

Should we make abortion illegal in Singapore too, since we're at it? Oh I know what! We should legalise polygamy as well! That will definitely gives us more babies! I've got no problem with that! Really!
CH Fong:

As I read the comments of the pro-Siew group, I am convinced the gay minorities are "forcing down the throat" their lifestyle to the mainstream Singaporeans. I personally have never ostracised any homosexuals before and I do know a few who are openly gay. If the gays are so concerned about their so-called infringed rights, they should have the courage to start their own lobby group instead of hijacking other groups to legitimise their stand. All Singaporeans who are from a heterosexual family unit regardless of their religion, race, social status that I have spoken to are apalled by the poisoning of our children's minds through AWARE CSE programme. Mr Siew has now blown his cover for his pro-homosexual agenda and should not be allowed to propagate this deviant view at the national level. If we need a neutral NMP from the Arts fraternity, why do we need to choose one who has an obvious affiliation for homosexual lifestyle. Therefore I am against someone like Ms Beatrice Chia and Mr Siew to be nominated for this post. Why don't we consider someone like Mr Gurmit Singh who is definitely one of the minority ethnic group who has more moral credibility.

Gurmit Singh! Please tell me you're kidding.
Pat C:

Though we wish to be an 'Inclusive Society', we must not include those who clearly will destroy the moral fabric of our society. Those who are bent on promoting homosexuality, if given enough airtime in parliament and in the media, will gradually fused into the mainstream and claim that 'homosexuality' is just another lifestyle choice. It's 'neutral', they would claim.

But 'homosexuality' is not something that is 'neutral'.

If you own a house, then you can paint the inside walls whatever colour you want. This is 'neutral' to others. The colour of walls inside your own house affects you and does not concern others. It is 'neutral', because others are not affected.

When a group within a community practises homosexuality, women having sex with women, men having sex with men, then the family values and the next generation of the same community will be affected. Such lifestyle is not 'neutral' to other members of the community, even though homosexuals confine their private acts within their own houses.

Hence, please do not have NMPs who speak up for special interest groups that advocate freedom of choice relating to homosexuality, drugs, terrorism and gender inequality.

She has totally lost me on the part about the house and neutral. Anyway, interesting that she commented that homosexual lifestyle is not 'neutral' to other members of the community, even though homosexuals confine their private acts within their own houses. How then could they be neutral? Move to other countries out of Singapore? Definitely, in the name of 'Inclusive Society'.
Muslim Reporter:

This is what happens when homos & lesbianism is not nipped in the bud. The govt should have done this a long time ago. Have people forgotten - they are the reasons why we have AIDS !!

The LGBTs are like a cancer - slow but sure death. Do we want S'pore to be become another San Francisco ? The govt MUST take a firm stand and cut & remove this cancer from our society once and for all.

FYI, under muslim law, it is the death sentence for homos & lesbians if they don't repent. Problem nipped in the bud before these people become a cancer to our society.

If we (muslims/christians/conservatives) don't unite and eradicate this cancer, then they will overwhelm society just like the many western countries we see now.

So what now? Need to call for Jihad?

The responses to the media of these 3 hopefuls show that they are insensitive and arrogant to the views of the public. How can we expect them to represent the people. Let us not waste taxpayers money on them. I will be very disappointed and upset if they get appointed.

I agree! How insensitive and arrogant! Asking our old parents to shift to JB! Telling us to work on Saturdays because we're not producing enough babies! Saying that learning dialects is a waste of time! They are a waste of taxpayers money alright! Oh... wait... you mean I've got the wrong threes?

It matters not what other good Siew Kum Hong had done in other areas in the past. His involvement in the AWARE saga and his shameless role in advocating gay issues even after the Government had made its stand on 377A after the 2007 debate shows he morally corrupt. Look at Durai, Glenn or any other good people who had fallen from grace. All it takes is one mistake and all your good works would be erased. Toast!

So... regardless of what DPM Wong has done in other areas in the past, we should always remember that its his fault that Mas Selamat ran away?

These are the more classic ones, there're more gems (or rubbish) on the site and you could go take a look for yourself.

Meanwhile, this was my post:

Interesting forum you guys've got here, now I know where to go when Sammyboy has no new topics!

Some of my 2cents, just to add more wood to the fire...

1) You guys only hear NMP Siew Kum Hong speaking up only on issues concerning the LGBT community? Didn't hear him on how the Jobs Credit scheme might not work as well as imagined? (Oh wait, you guys are still thinking that it works!) But then again, who cares about what he uttered regarding Budget 2009, Public Order Bill or even the Security Lapses that had caused Mas Selamat's escape! If nobody is listening to him at the Parliament, why should you guys! But when he spoke on issues concerning the LGBT community, it's different. You need to listen very carefully so that you can catch him if he is ever found trying to speak up for the minority!

2) Beatrice Chia's agenda is dubious because all her plays are controversial? Is this a nomination for Singapore Arts Festival or NMP? Oh wait. But I get your point now. We simply can't get ourselves a NMP in the Parliament when her whole mind is only focusing on fighting for the LGBT community and writing for the next controversial play, can we? That was probably how we had the rojak poisioning incident because someone from the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources had his mind fixed on passing the cooking test in Paris, and forgot to keep track of the cleaniness of our food centres!

3) The LGBT people are that evil huh? They'll destroy all the Asian values because of their unnatural doings, lead to the collapse of our conservative society, turn our sons and daughters to homos, and now they want their little voices to be heard! Totally agree that it's unforgivable! These people have voluntarily condemned themselves when they chose to be homo and they definitely have no place here in Singapore where we are trying to build a democratic society based on justice and equality!

You guys are funny!

In fact, you're such a hoot that I'm going to blog about you!



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