Sunday, May 17, 2009

More fun in REACH's "New NMP candidates Nomination" forum

Like an energizer rabbit, the heter vs homo war in REACH's "Singapore on the lookout for new NMP candidates" forum is still going strong, with more posts coming in, none related to the topic of new NMP candidates nomination!

With the lack of juicy news (yeh, we lost a few billions, but we're talking about Temasek, so we'll just have to get used to it huh?), I went back into the forum to have some pick-me-up for the morning. And so I posted...

Tan Ah Beng
17 May 09 , 12:14 PM

futurisic: "If Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans-gender is going to be visible and vocal to infiltrate the society , then the whole world should wake up now before it is too late to do something about it. Start a pro-heterosexual movement, start a IT"S normal and right not to be involved in any LBGT relationship.

Advocate more laws to protect the human rights of the normal mainstream to live a traditional lifestyle without harrassement from LBGT people.

If LGBT movement is planning to invade the space of the normal mainstream and NOT taking a "live and let live" attitude, then the normal mainstream should speak up and tell this LGBT movement to back off."

Can't agree more! Build an underground city and keep them in it for life! Keep them away from our life and make believe they don't exist! Out of sight, out of mind! While we're at it, we should also keep those old people away from the street, especially those poor ones staying in rented one-room flats! Such a disgrace for the world to see that Singapore has poor old people too!

thatwhy: "The problem of this gays and lesbians is that. They impose to change your thinking and want to have sex with you. Like a disease H1N1, SARS infecting anyone near it. Those who are weak end up dead"

Then what are we waiting for? Send these gays and lesbians to help fight the war against the Taliban! Infect all the terrorists! Weaken them and kill them! Save the world! Obama will thank us!

Oh pardon me, did I sway away from the topic of heter vs homo, to talk about other less crucial issues like feeding the poor old people and global terrorism? Me bad.

Anyway, it warms my heart that, while our country is losing money by the billions, we should spend our time fighting a heter vs homo war here. Thanks for the entertainment.

Sorry guys, couldn't help it. But I promise to post about less preposterous stuff in the next post.


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