Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where in the world is Mas Selamat now after one whole year?

Somebody should be sending a "Happy Anniversary" card to the Police.

Or maybe Mas Selamat himself should send a "Thank you" note to the Police. But of course, that would be rather risky and foolish, in case the Police decided to wake up and trace the note to his whereabouts.

So where in Singapore is Mas Selamat now?

Could he still be hiding in one of the forests in Singapore? Doubt so. With the recent forests fires, Singapore forests are in the limelight now. Hey, suddenly everyone realised that there is a forest in Tampines! That's too much attention!

Or could he be hiding in his supporters' houses? But with the current economy downturn and retrenchments spawning everywhere, it is getting more difficult to feed an extra mouth in the family. If his supporter has reached such a bad financial status that he has to send his grandparents to a nursing home in JB, won't he instead send Mr Mas Selamat away?

On the other hand, in the midst of all the confusion during the first few days of his escape, like whether he was limping on the left or on the right, young or old looking, fat or skinny, perhaps he had already fleed Singapore before the custom officers at the bottom of the hierarchy received the correct instruction.

So where in the world is Mas Selamat now?

He could have rejoined his gang somewhere in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan or Iraq. But if that is indeed the case, then why have we not hear about any terrorist activities with his name mentioned? Is it because of the weak global economy? Perhaps there is a shrink in project budget and he had to abandon some of the lower priority ones? Sponsors could be backing out, raw material cost for bombs making could have gone way too high, or worse, some members could be retrenched!

Or who knows, he could have decided to take a break and is now relaxing somewhere high in the mountains in Bhutan, or at a nearby beach resort in Bali!

No matter, maybe somebody should send a "Good Luck" card to the Police.




  1. It was ISD that guarded him, not exactly the Police

  2. Yah.. you're right. The Internal Security Department. But the word "Police" has more impact.... hahah..

  3. faillllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!

  4. i don't really think he escape more of the government let him escape since he more useful on the outside than he is inside!

    Come on you want me to believe that the top brass don't even get a scratch. We are talking about singapore here, where if it hurts the country image it will hurt lee image which as all can remember he does care about his reputation!

    If he did really escape the chief of police should be fired, since the detention center ain't that far from his own office. We are not talking about drug addicts and such, the commissioner must be help to accountability, but to ask lee son to be accountable is kind of useless since he is a politician, that ain't his job!