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The mystery of whether Northwest CDC staff are paid 7 months of bonuses shall remain as confidential

Previously, Chief Editor of Wayang Party Club Eugene Yeo sent a letter to Dr Teo Ho Pin to clarify on the rumours that Northwest CDC staff have received eight months bonus for the year of 2008...

Open letter to Dr Teo Ho Pin about Northwest CDC staff getting 8 months bonus in 2008
March 4, 2009
Source: The Wayang Party Club

Dear Dr Teo,

I am Eugene Yeo, Chief Editor of socio-political blog Wayang Party Club.

I am writing to you express my concern over rumors circulating in cyberspace lately about Northwest CDC staff getting 8 months bonus including AWS in 2008.

Separately, a reader have written to us alleging that two of your staff receive 7 months of bonuses and 1 month of AWS last year. However he was unable to provide us with any substantial evidence when asked though he claimed that he had heard it from reliable sources within the CDC.

I have written to both of them seeking clarifications and have yet to receive a reply from them. I have also tried calling them to no avail.

The CDC staff are paid for by tax-payers’ monies. May I know what justify their 7 month bonuses (if the allegations were true) during such tough times when Singapore’s economy is mired in recession and is poised to contract between 5% and 8% this year ?

With many ordinary Singaporeans facing the spectre of retrenchment, wage freezes or cuts, it is disheartening to learn that civil servants in a government organization are taking home a few months of bonuses.

Though Singaporeans do not have the right to interfere with your decision to reward your staff, I am sure you will agree with me that we deserve to know the basis of the CDC’s generosity.

As you may know, many Singaporeans were already unhappy with your performance as Chairman of the PAP Town Councils over the loss of our sinking funds through the purchase of credit-linked investments.

Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council which was under your charge, was the biggest loser, having lost about $8 million dollars of public monies.

Your retort to Singaporeans to be “thankful” for the Town Councils for “growing our money” in the last few years didn’t quite go down well on the ground. This stunning revelation will certainly add fuel to the fire besides reopening old wounds and may trigger a bigger backlash.

I sincerely hope you can step forward to clarify matters and to dispel lingering doubts. If these rampant rumors are unfounded and untrue, they must be repudiated immediately to prevent further misunderstanding in the online community. On the other hand, your continued silence may be misconstrued as a tacit admission that there is some element of truth in these allegations after all.

Eugene Yeo

According to The Wayang Party Club, no response was received from Dr Teo Ho Pin on the matter. However, one of their readers managed to push for a lame reply...

Source: The Wayang Party Club

3 March 2009

Dear Mr Teo,

I came across this. Can u confirm if this is correct or not.


North West CDC staff Getting 7 months bonus
Postby Johnlaw2012 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:12 am

You know last year Singapore GDP is 1.1%. North West CDC Mayor Mr TEO loses some money at Lehman Bro Mini bond which is graded “AAA” when the subprime Crisis occur and Bear Stearn is about to collapse and Freddie and Fannie Mae are in deep trouble.

This time,At North West District sembawang jobs fair,4800 people finding $1000 SGD jobs has to queue up so long.

But anyone know Mr Teo North West CDC staff getting 7 Months Bonus? This is a shock for me too. All along i though CDC is caring for North west district residents benifits.

They help people look for such low pay job but themselves getting so high pay from people money during such serious recession? Is this the type of country Singapore has become? Is this a Norm for Civil Servants to get 7 month Bonus and One Month AWS during such a serious recessionary period when Singapore GDP can decline to negative 8% this year ?

6 March 2009

Dear Mr Teo,

I sent an email 3 days ago and did not recieve a reply.

Just in case it was not received the first time, I am resending this now .

Look forward to your response soon.



7 March 2009

All staff at the CDCs are under People’s Association and WDA. Their salary and bonuses are confidential.

Dr Teo Ho Pin

8 March 2009

Dear Mr Teo,

Thank your for your belated reply.

I should reiterate that I did not ask HOW MUCH the bonus was.

I asked if staff got 7-8 months bonus. It is a general and justified question to ask as funds come from tax payers. It is therefore not out of order to ask this simple question and receive a direct reply esp in the face of many people losing their jobs and having their salaries cut.

I therefore would appreciate a direct reply soon.



I'm not feeling hopeful that Dr Teo Ho Pin will reply Paul any further since he claimed that the truth is confidential. Thus I've decided not to write "To be continued...".



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