Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh I don't know about the salaries, and no oh no, I don't know about the bonuses

First, he told Channelnewsasia...

Dr Teo Ho Pin said: "The mayors do not decide on the salaries, the increments, the bonuses of all our staffs at the CDC... We chair the CDCs, to spearhead the CDCs... I do not know the salaries, I do not know the bonuses of all my staff"

Video link to Teo Ho Pin's response to CDC staff bonuses on CNA

Then he told Sin Ming Daily...

Dr Teo Ho Pin then said: “The economy only start to worsen during the last 3 months of 2008. The performance of the economy during the first 9 months is still not bad. We have to look at the matter from the entire year’s perspective. Hence, it is not unreasonable for CDC staff to receive 8 months of bonuses.”

Er... so does he or does he not know? Since the mayor might not know, why don't we ask Mr President instead? Oh wait... Is the President a political position? If yes, then he might not know as well... Maybe the most appropriate channel is to go temple and ask Dua Bei Gong...



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  1. Dude... In english, it means he dun know the exact amount they get in bonuses... But he knows they will get it.