Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two of these staff at the "lower-end" of the salary range received 8 months bonuses

Never got tired of saying this... The TRUTH is out there!

Two Northwest CDC staff who receive 8 months bonuses are managers in mid to senior positions
Source: Wayangparty.com

According to the 938live’s report here:

“The PA adds that it is only staff at the lower-end of the salary range who will receive a higher performance bonus range. This allows such officers to move closer to the norm of other staff performing the same kind of job, but who have a higher basic monthly pay.”

How low is the lower-end of the salary range?

To a rich tai tai, having dim sum at Crystal Jade is an insult to her. "How dare you serve me this trash?! Which part of this rubbish looks like Xiao Long Bao to you?!" she berated at the waiter.

To a single mother struggling to feed her two young children with her mere eight hundred dollars cleaner pay, a Big Pao from Kopitiam is a luxury.

The two names given to me hold mid to senior level positions in Northwest CDC. One of them is a Senior Manager in charge of a Committee while the other is a Deputy General Manager.

Both of them are in the photos below:

According to online job portal jobstreet, a senior manager’s monthly salary range from $5,200 to $9,000 while a manager from $4,000 to $7,500.

We do not know the fixed monthly salaries of the CDC staff, but given the fact that their salaries are pegged to that of the private sector, they are likely to lie around these ranges. This appears to contradict PA’s official statement earlier that only staff with low salaries are entitled to higher performance bonuses.

How low can we pay a manager?

A factory operator can draw slightly over a thousand. A sales person, probably up to two thousands. A marketing executive will usually draw about three thousands. And none of them belongs to the management level.

So how low can we pay a Senior Manager and a Deputy General Manager? At least four thousand dollars a month? That gives them the eight months bonuses of S$4,000 x 8 = S$32,000.

How low. Looking at the figures now, I have to agree with PA. S$32,000 is really on the low side for bonuses if we compare to what the Americans like Merrill Lynch and AIG are paying their staffs. For a bonus as low as this, one cannot even afford a respectable 1,600cc car. Most probably will have to settle for a China made one. How pathetic.



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