Monday, February 22, 2010

China crook selling fake degrees from Singapore universities

It is a known fact that crooks in China have been making it big by selling fake degrees, and you can easily earn yourself a MBA from Harvard in the land of the Great Wall as long as you have got the cash. But this time, things are getting a bit too close for comfort...

S'pore-based China vendor admits fake $2,800 degree printed on 70-cent paper
Source: The Electric New Paper

The New Paper on Sunday went undercover to meet up with a fake degree peddler, a 24-year-old China national who graduated from a local polytechnic.

The man said that degrees from NUS, NTU, SMU and SIM are available, and would cost $2,800 each.

He added that he required a 20 per cent deposit to confirm an order, and would issue a receipt which buyers must produce when collecting their degree in two weeks.

The degrees are printed in a factory in Malaysia, he claimed.

When confronted by The New Paper on Sunday team, the man said he had been peddling fake degrees in Singapore for about half a year, in addition to working as an agent for a company based in China.

He said he gets commission for each degree sold, and claims he makes a point to caution his customers against using their fake degrees to look for jobs, whether in Singapore or in China.

He also said the fake degrees are cheaply made and are printed on regular paper that costs about 70 cents a sheet.

So this guy who graduated from OUR polytechnic, decided to continue hanging around in OUR country selling fake degrees of OUR universities, while working as an agent for a company in CHINA. Did some big guys said that new immigrants are here to contribute to our economy and we should welcome them with open arms? Really?

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