Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Men attacked ambulance driver at Bukit Batok

Two men attacked an ambulance driver who was helping a patient to a kidney dialysis centre. Nope, this is not another story of non-civilised people living in some third world country where law is for display only. This has happened in a carpark near you, at Block 213 Bukit Batok Street 21. Oh yes, uniquely Singapore.

Road rage: Ambulance driver attacked for blocking road
Source: Asiaone Motoring

TWO minutes.

That was all it took for two men to turn violent, allegedly attacking a driver whose ambulance had blocked their car.

The attack lasted more than 20 minutes, said witnesses.

The two men allegedly rained blows on the ambulance driver's chest, kicked his groin and tore his uniform, all the while spewing vulgarities.

The ambulance was outside a carpark lot while the driver was helping a patient to a kidney dialysis centre on Saturday afternoon.

Mr Sivachandran Muragasu, 28, nurse service director of Abella Agency, an ambulance and home nursing company, had taken the patient to the kidney dialysis centre at Block 213 Bukit Batok Street 21.

He had just helped the patient settle into a chair when he heard a commotion near the back entrance of the centre.

A man, who looked to be around 50, and another, in his mid-20s, were shouting at the nurses in the dialysis centre to move the ambulance.

Mr Siva, who did not see the men in the carpark when he took the patient to the centre on a stretcher, said the ambulance had been parked there for around two minutes.

When he returned to the carpark, the men confronted him.

Mr Siva said: "The older man asked me, "What the ****, you think it's your father's road?""

When Mr Siva asked him why he used the expletive, both men turned aggressive.

Mr Siva said he fended off their punches by putting his arms in front of his face, and kept trying to move backwards.

He kept pleading with them, he said. He tried explaining that he was just doing his job.

Mr Siva said: "I'm driving an ambulance. They should understand that I'm providing a service."

But the men were not appeased.

And who the **** do these two men think they are? Well, since the police is nowhere in sight, maybe they think they are the police?

Warning to the public: Be careful where you park at Bukit Batok Street 21, and beware of this Red Subaru WRX.

Vehicle Details sourced from a certain Singapore motoring forum

Vehicle No.: SJB136xS
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: SUBARU
Vehicle Model: 2.5 WRX
Chassis No.: JF1GDGKD36G054238
Engine No.: EJ25C755154
Engine Capacity: 2457 cc
Maximum Laden Weight: 1860 kg
Unladen Weight: 1405 kg
Year Of Manufacture: 2006
Original Registration Date: 08 Jul 2006

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