Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pastor Rony Tan's anti-gay stand is aligned with the Government of Singapore

Sometimes some people just can't tell when to shut up and sit down. And when they realised that maybe they should play it safe by covering their backside, they drag the oh-so-mighty government into the picture. Bravo.

Pastor Rony Tan stood by his remarks against homosexuals

Two days after online portals and Temasek Review broke the news of 85 police reports being lodged against Pastor Rony, the Straits Times followed up with an interview with him.

“I’ve said nothing wrong, you know. Like I said, my stand is with the average person and the Government,” Pastor Rony was quoted as saying in the STraits Times.

He said he had always taught his congregation that the homosexual community should not be discriminated against.

“But, of course, you know there is a law against homosexual acts, so that’s always been my stand…"

Pastor Rony said in the video that homosexuals are not born “this way” and people end up “turning” gay either because of abuse or an absent parent when young.

He felt it is necessary to “warn” people of the pitfalls of homosexuality:

“If we don’t warn people against this, then there will be more and more homosexuals because many of these people will be harassing and seducing young boys, and they in turn will become homosexuals,” he exclaimed.

He insinuated that homosexuals are not “normal” people because they do not procreate:

“Proper sex means life — it propagates life. Lesbianism and homosexuality simply mean death and barrenness.”

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