Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For the holidays, let's just spend S$46,500 to learn cooking at Le Cordon Bleu


Ah Tan dragged his feet sluggishly over to the coffee machine to get his caffeine dose of the day. There, he found Ah Lim and Ali already started their coffee break at one of the tables. He walked over and sat down together with the two men.

AH TAN: Ooi! Go tea break bo jio!
ALI: Ah doi! I saw you typing an email so seriously at your desk, didn't want to disturb you what.
AH TAN: Aiyah, nothing serious lah, just another work progress report. Hey Ah Lim, where are you planning to go for the December holidays?
AH LIM: Sigh... still troubling over it. Like I was telling Ali, I went Hokkaido last year, and New York the year before, and I've already seen most of Europe! Where else can I bring my family to this year?
ALI: I know! You've never been to Cameron Highlands right?
AH TAN and AH LIM (both staring at Ali): Har? Where is it?
ALI: Alamak, you all never heard of Cameron Highlands?
AH TAN: That place sounds familiar... Is it somewhere in Ireland?
AH LIM: Or Scotland?
ALI: Alamak! Malaysia lah! Malaysia!
AH TAN: Hey! Is that supposed to be a joke? You know I don't go to Malaysia!
ALI: Hahaha... okay okay, just kidding lah! Relac lah!
AH LIM: Yah, that was rude! How can you suggest that we squash ourselves into one of those little tour coaches to go across the causeway for holidays, together with the other poor Singaporeans? Geez...
ALI: Sorry man, sorry!
AH TAN: Hey guys, you know what, maybe I should bring my family to the Le Cordon Bleu Paris for some culinary course. I heard that it's really one hell of an experience.
AH LIM: Le Cordon Bleu? In Paris? Hmm... sounds interesting... how much will that cost?
AH TAN: I heard it's about S$15,500 per head, so with my wife and kid, it should be about S$46,500.
AH LIM: Oh... S$46,500... well, that's not so bad! I was expecting it to be more expensive. Idea sia!
ALI: Yah, I think that's a good idea! Hey... maybe I should bring my boy to Southern California Aquatic SCAQ Master Swim Club to learn some professional swimming! Then maybe he can swim like Michael Phelps one day!
AH TAN: Sounds good! But you'll have to fly over to California, pretty far right?
ALI: Yah it's pretty far, luckily we're taking Business class, not like the rest of those poor Singaporeans who have to squeeze into those pathetic Economy class seats!
AH LIM: Wah you guys are fast! Maybe you should help me think of some holiday ideas around here too!
ALI: You're the only one without kids here, it should be easier to think of something romantic for you and your wife right?
AH TAN: Hmm... hey! Your wife is into dancing right? Why don't you just bring her to Spain to learn some Flamenco or Salsa dancing?
ALI: Yah! Good idea! Give her a surprise!

Susan walked into the pantry hastily, looked around and found Ah Tan at the table.

SUSAN: Mr Tan, Mr Teo is looking for you.
AH TAN (finishing his last sip of coffee): Okay, I'll go over right away.

Susan walked out of the pantry.

Ah Tan placed his mug into the sink for the coffee lady to wash, and walked hastily out of the pantry.




  1. Permanent secretaries, I assume, fly first class and not business.

  2. If this were funny...