Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Start some association of bloggers to monitor those rebels


Ah Tan sat on his bed, reading through some papers while his wife walked in, with a SK2 mask over her face. She sat down next to Ah Tan and noticed that he was staring blankly at his papers.

AH TAN'S WIFE (putting her hand on Ah Tan's): Dear, are you okay? Still bothered by the pay cut?
AH TAN: Huh? Oh... no lah... I'm trying to resolve this challenge that Mr Teo gave me last week. AH TAN'S WIFE: Which is?
AH TAN: He wanted me to think of a way to control the Singapore blogging community. You know lah, ever since the other time when Malaysia's election was drastically affected by their bloggers, the Boss has been quite concerned about how our own bloggers are affecting the Singaporeans.
AH TAN'S WIFE: Hmm... can't blame him for that.
AH TAN: Yah... Do you have any great ideas?
AH TAN'S WIFE (staring far): Like that ah... I think in the first place, what you should do is to gather all those Singaporean bloggers right? If not, how will you know who to monitor?
AH TAN: Gather them? Oh! You mean like some kinda association or club?
AH TAN: Hmm... but will any blogger join? I mean... why will those rebellious ones listen to us and register themselves with the association? It's like giving us a way to track them, who they are, what they write, out of their own free will! It's difficult lah...
AH TAN'S WIFE: Haiyah! If you go out and announce it, of course only the pro-government bloggers will join! You should try to get to some of those famous and yet not that rebellious bloggers, and offer them this chance to start up this association. They should be the one starting it, not you!
AH TAN: Ah! That's a brilliant idea! I can sell to them that this association is all theirs, and the government will not interfere with their operations at all!
AH TAN'S WIFE: Yes, and it's very important to make them understand that the reason for this association is for the government to engage with the people and to care for them, not to monitor or track them.
AH TAN: But we still need them to register with their real identities...
AH TAN'S WIFE: Tell them it's for administrative purposes only.
AH TAN (rubbing his chin): Sounds workable...

Ah Tan's wife got out of bed and went into the kitchen. When she was back, her SK2 mask had been removed. She got into bed and laid next to Ah Tan.

AH TAN'S WIFE: I know there is this girl in my department who reads blogs regularly. Tomorrow I'll chat with her and try to find out who are the popular bloggers and I'll give you the names.
AH TAN: That's great! Thank you so much, Dear! You know what, just now I was thinking, whoever this chairperson of this new association is going to be, I'm going to suggest to him or her that this association of bloggers should charge membership fees!
AH TAN'S WIFE (shocked): Membership fees? Then who'll join?!!
AH TAN: More bloggers will join! That's why we join country clubs what! And the more expensive the country club is, the more we want to join right? Ah wait... I know what! It should also be by invitation only! Just to sound more exclusive!
AH TAN'S WIFE: Okay, okay... I guess that load is finally off your shoulder now, so let's get to sleep okay?
AH TAN: Hahaha... okay, okay. I can't wait to tell Mr Teo my suggestion tomorrow!

Thrilled, Ah Tan switched off the lights and bounced into bed.



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