Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interesting Singaporen Causes on Facebook

Stand Up Against Ridiculous Clients Who Think They Rule The World
Alot of times we meet people who do not understand and take for granted the process behind the creation of beautiful visuals and the people who make campaigns effective for them. We need to stand up against their ridiculous demands, ridiculous budgets and ridiculous timelines!

Total members: 313

Say NO to Shark Fins
In the last fifteen years demand for shark fin soup has boomed in Asia. Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are the main shark fin trading centres. Shark fin soup is served at Chinese weddings and banquets to symbolise wealth and prestige.

Asian consumers are unaware of the cruelty and unsustainability of the shark fin trade.

Increasingly on the high seas sharks are “finned” and the rest of their bodies, often still alive, are dumped at sea. Sharks (unlike most other fish) have only a few young at a time and so take a long time to recover from exploitation. Shark meat is often too low-value compared to the target species (e.g. tuna) so 95-99% of the shark is discarded to conserve hold space.

Shark populations around the world are in decline. Worldwide, 90% of large fish including sharks have been wiped out from our oceans since 1950, according to a 2003 study published in Nature.

Total members: 246

Stomp out STOMP for good!
We believe STOMP (Straits Times Online Media Print) has more potential for harm than good.

It is an unnecessary tool for surveillance, and has resulted in unnecessary intrusions into the private lives of Singaporeans.

It infantilises Singaporeans, discouraging them from thinking critically about social issues by encouraging vouyeuristic journalism.

STOMP should be shut down for good as it is a detriment toward the establishment of a Renaissance City.

Alternatively, it should be revamped so that it promotes critical thought about the social issues of our day.

Total members: 182

Stop Sentosa Integrated Resort Marine Life Park getting sharks & dolphins from the wild!
An integrated resort currently under construction in Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa is persisting in importing whalesharks and 18 bottlenose dolphins FROM THE WILD for its Marine Life Park in 2010.

This is despite protests from all the animal rights groups here who have explained the impact of the plan. These creatures have been caught from the wild for show, even though there are enough captive-bred ones around for 'use'.

These creatures need lots of space and will not thrive in captivity. They are listed as endangered animals. Current population in the wild is already small and will be depleted beyond sustainable levels.

Total members: 150

Ban SG Taxi Drivers who deliberately endanger motorists and pedestrians with their reckless driving
"I'm a taxi driver and i can stop anywhere i want" - Explained an anonymous Taxi Driver who almost collided with another motorist.

We would like to create awareness that taxi drivers should be conscientiously practicing road safety codes and not choosing to 1) change lanes abruptly without signaling, 2) sudden acceleration & braking, 3) come to a sudden stop without turning on the hazard light, 4) take up two lanes as and when they please, 5) squeeze cars and motorcycles out of their lanes by forcefully entering into their lanes, 6) make illegal U-turns just to pick up passengers on the other side of the road, 7) road hog the right most lane of expressways, 8) make turns that result in the oncoming vehicle to brake hard

There are still many incidents that are not mentioned. We are not saying that other motorists are angels. However, we believe the standard of Taxi Drivers in Singapore must be reviewed and adjusted. They are not just people making a living on the road, they hold our lives in their hands.

Total members: 89

And some other interesting Uniquely Singaporean causes:

  • Save Joo Chiat
    "Rid Joo Chiat of red-light elements. Promote Joo Chiat Heritage & Cultural life."
    Perhaps a "Save Jurong" and "Save Serangoon" from the invasion of foreign workers too? Or maybe "Save Chinatown" from how hilariously commercialised it has become?

  • Stop Scholars Whining
    "Scholars cannot stop complaining about their bond with the company. They cannot wait for the opportunity to change situation."
    And by donating to the cause you will help to defray the huge amount when scholars break their bond. You are donating to save our pitiful scholars so that they could break their bond with maybe a GLC or statboard, so that they could get another job with higher pay in a MNC? Even if it means they should not have taken up the bond in the first place and deprived others of their chances?

  • Boycott Singapore Taxi Hike!
    "Public Transport Fares should not be increased anyhow!
    Taxi companies should justify their fare increases
    Taxi companies should instead lower taxi rental for cabbies"
    But who is listening? Who is even reading this cause?

  • Cycle in Singapore!
    "Many European countries as well as China and India are already doing this. Why not Singapore?"
    Don't even get me started on the way the China Chinese and India Indians are cycling on our roads and pedestrian walkways!

  • Bring back chewing gum to Singapore
    "As a law abiding tax payer, I say bring back the Wrigleys!!!!"
    That is a truly Singaporean dream. But then again, with the Causeway around, who needs this cause?

  • Against the long waiting time between Singapore and Malaysia Causeway

  • PKL on MRT escalators

  • Stop Employee Cruelty!

  • Let Pedestrian Walkways be meant for that purpose

  • Whats the hurry, let us alight!



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